What Are the Signs You Need a Central Heating Repair?

14 November 2022
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Sometimes, it is quite obvious that you need to call out a professional to carry out a repair on your heating system. If the radiators do not warm up or the boiler fails to kick into life when you turn the thermostat up, then call a technician that provides heating system services. That said, not all heating repair jobs are as straightforward as a system that doesn't come on at all. You may also need heating repair services for more intermittent faults that will only get worse unless they are attended to promptly. In other words, it is better to act and book a heating repair sooner rather than later. What are some of the likely indications that you should be calling a professional? Read on to find out.

Bills Are on the Rise Unexpectedly

If you have noticed that your heating bill has shot up from one month to the next and you cannot account for it, then it could be because of a fault with your central heating. For example, unless the unit price of your energy has risen or you have started to use more energy because you are at home more, then a fault with your boiler could mean that you are spending more on your heating system. Under such circumstances, the heating service of your technician could end up saving money.

Dusty or Discoloured Ducts

When your heating system isn't burning fuel efficiently, it will often lead to residue deposits being left behind. You can usually detect them on the system's flue or the ducting that carries away any noxious gases from your boiler. If so, a heating repair may be needed to make the boiler more efficient, something that should lead to a more even distribution of heat throughout each radiator. Signs of yellowing near the boiler should also be investigated since these are often down to faulty — but still functioning — boilers.

Banging and Clanking Sounds

To be clear, nearly all central heating systems make a little noise. As pipes heat up and joints expand, there will be some creaking you hear. However, a professional central heating repair will be called for when such noises get loud or they happen continuously while the system is turned on. This is often down to trapped air within pipes or radiators that can cause blockages leading to an inefficient system and cold spots here and there.

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