How to Differentiate Between Low Water Pressure and Plumbing Leaks in Your Home

19 April 2021
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Are you suddenly experiencing water pressure issues in your home? If so, you could be dealing with one of two things. Either there is a leak in your indoor plumbing pipes, or you are experiencing low pressure at the water mains. Both issues have different remedies. If you have a plumbing leak, you need to fix it. Conversely, you can solve pressure issues at the water mains by investing in a pressure booster pump. Read More 

3 Important Factors to Consider Before Installing Your Next Hot Water System

26 February 2021
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Depending on your household's hot water needs, installing a new water heater may require a substantial investment. And, the last thing you want is to cough up a tidy sum for a hot water system that won't serve you well. The good news is that newer versions of almost all types of water heaters are significant improvements to their predecessors. With a little research, you shouldn't struggle to replace your current hot water system with a better one. Read More 

Why You Should Pay for A Professional Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a House

30 December 2020
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Buying a house is certainly a costly endeavour. And with all the expenses that you will be burdened with, it makes sense that you will try to save some money in some aspects. One task that you may be tempted to handle on your own is checking the condition of the plumbing in a home that you are considering purchasing. While carrying out a plumbing inspection is important, it won't be effective if you handle it on your own. Read More 

Types of Sprinkler Systems for Your Backyard Vegetable Gardens

20 November 2020
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Making the choice to move from a typical backyard garden to a vegetable garden can be a huge endeavour. You need the right soil, the right raised gardens or planting beds, and the right overall environment for the vegetables you plan to grow. One aspect of making the right choices for your vegetable garden is to have the right sprinkler and water delivery system. Here are a few of the sprinkler options that may be ideal for your garden and what you need to know about each option. Read More 

How to Fix Underground Drainage Problems from Afar

11 November 2020
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If you live in a suburban location, you will probably be able to take advantage of public sewers. Your local government will process any wastewater on your behalf, and you won't need to worry about a septic system. Yet you will need to worry about drains that flow from the house to the edge of your property. You will be even more concerned if your drains back up and there is no obvious sign of an issue. Read More