Why You Should Heat Your Home's Water With Solar Energy

3 March 2020
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In the market for a water heating solution for your home? Domestic water heaters rely on a variety of energy sources including natural gas, electricity and solar power to supply hot water for use in the home. Each source has its own pros and drawbacks, which should be carefully looked at in order to determine the best water heater for any household.

In recent times, many homeowners are turning to solar heating systems to meet their domestic demand for hot water. Instead of converting energy from the sun into electricity like photovoltaic solar panels, solar heating systems generate heat, which is used to heat the water directly.

Check out some top benefits of using the sun's energy to heat your home's water.

Reduction in Domestic Energy Bills

If you're like other homeowners that use gas or electricity to deliver heat to water, your water heater accounts for a significant percentage of your household's monthly energy bill. Switching to a solar heating system can save you lots of dollars on your energy expenses. 

By relying on the sun's thermal energy to heat your water, you'll be using free energy and can significantly reduce your reliance on gas or electricity to heat water.

Protection of the Environment 

The use of fossil fuels as energy sources for homes is bad for the environment. When fuel sources, such as natural gas and oil are burnt, they release harmful gases into the atmosphere. This contributes to major environmental problems like global warming and climate change.

Going solar with your domestic hot water system helps to significantly reduce harmful emissions associated with the use of traditional energy sources such as gas and electricity. Homes with solar water heating installation are considered to be more eco-friendly and sustainable than those that use gas or electricity to heat water. 

Eligibility for Solar Power Incentives and Rebates

Depending on where you live, there may be solar incentives and tax rebates that you're entitled to if you go solar with your hot water system. Consult your local council to find out the financial savings that homeowners in your area stand to make by installing a solar water heating system.

Increase in Property Value

Because of the benefits that a solar water heater installation can bring to your home, the property will stand out in the real estate market if you decide to sell it. Potential homebuyers won't mind paying a higher price for your home knowing it's already equipped with a solar water heater.

Ready to go solar with your domestic solar water heating? Schedule a consultation with a hot water plumber to assess your needs and get your quote.