What Really Is Emergency Plumbing?

19 March 2020
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There are many plumbing issues that are emergencies. There can never be a more immediate need to fix a defective sump pump or to replace corroded piping fixtures.

However, the term 'emergency plumbing' is often used in online discussions without necessarily being given a definition that is clear-cut. For this reason, a large number of people falsely believe that they only need a professional plumber when it's an emergency. How about when it's not an emergency? Do you handle plumbing problems on your own, or will you still need the help of a professional plumber?

Here are a few things you should know about emergency plumbing

Time Is the Difference

In reality, emergency plumbing simply refers to the provision of plumbing services beyond regular working hours. In terms of technique, there is no difference between emergency plumbing and regular plumbing because in both scenarios, the plumber uses the same tools and the same procedures to fix the problem.

Therefore, emergency plumbing does not really refer to a particular service; rather, it refers to the 24/7 availability of the plumbing expert. So you need not be surprised when you realise that the plumbing issue that you currently have has been listed as an emergency plumbing situation in an online piece.

Why the Need for Emergency Plumbing?

The answer is simple. Certain plumbing problems can be a hazardous risk if not attended to promptly. A good example of this is gas leakage from your residential gas pipes.

As a professional who understands their job well, a plumber knows this all too well, and they understand that plumbing emergencies will often crop up after their regular working hours. This is why some plumbers choose to be available on-call 24/7, with emergency plumbing services being more expensive than plumbing services during regular working hours.

Call if There's an Emergency

One thing that is evident from the term 'emergency plumbing' is that not every plumbing problem is an emergency. There are some problems that people can live with for longer, whereas bigger issues require an immediate response.

A small leak on the damaged section of galvanised copper piping used on residential plumbing systems is an emergency. Fail to get it fixed promptly, and you will definitely agree. Remember what they say about small leaks and great ships.

Think of any of the plumbing issues you experience regularly and determine whether they are emergencies or not. For more information, reach out to a plumber near you.