When to call an Emergency Plumber

19 March 2020
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Plumbers are qualified professionals who are involved in the installation and repair of water supply lines including sewage pipes as well as working to properly install related fixtures to make sure that homes and businesses are functioning smoothly. Emergencies requiring a plumber can occur at any time, so it is helpful and reassuring to know that emergency plumbers operate outside business hours to come and fix the issue at hand.

Plumbing emergencies include:

Burst pipes: It is a highly stressful time when a pipe bursts unexpectedly. Not only does this damage property, but it also causes water supply issues. Emergency plumbers should be called immediately to fix the situation. Until the plumber arrives one should take some measures to tackle the situation and prevent things from getting worse. First thing one should do promptly is to switch off the main water supply. The switch is usually located near water meters and consists of a valve which can be turned off. Be sure to turn off all taps once the supply is switched off; otherwise, once the supply is switched back on, things can get messy! One should also closely inspect the damaged pipe to see whether the damage is major or minor. If there is a small crack, then a pipe sealant can be used for temporary repair. 

Blocked Drain: Drains can easily become clogged, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. This can leave the kitchen or bathroom un-operational which is a huge issue as these are two of the most important sections of a property. Emergency plumbers will identify the cause of the blockage and provide a long-term solution as well as preventative measures to prevent the issue from arising in the future. 

Overflowing toilet: This is a difficult situation where one does not have any idea how to stop the water from flowing. Water can seep into parts of the property and cause damage, thus this issue needs to be resolved fast. Toilets may overflow for various reasons including blocked drains. A professional emergency plumber will identify the cause of the blockage and offer an immediate solution. In some cases the problem is severe so several days of work are required; however, rest assured that the overflowing water will be stopped immediately.

Emergency plumbers offer peace of mind at a difficult time. One should ensure they always have an emergency plumber on hand who is able to come at all hours of the day.