Different Roofing Services You Might Require

24 March 2020
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From the time your house or structure is being constructed to when you have utilised it for months or years, there are various roofing services you might require:

Roofing Installation

This is the very first thing you might need when looking for roofing services. You may want to contact a roofing designer or contractor to help you choose a roofing material that suits your house or structure. This might involve a process of carefully listening to your needs, considering roofing requirements in your neighbourhood and identifying roofing materials that meet your functional and aesthetic needs, tastes and preferences.

Roof Cleaning

It is not uncommon for your roof to get dirty over time, especially if your house or structure is located in an area with many trees; leaves and twigs tend to fall and settle on roofs. Strong winds can also carry debris and deposit it on your roof. Hiring a roof cleaning contractor is a good way to help keep your roof free of debris and clean. This is work you don't want to DIY, especially if your house or structure is tall; a fall from such a height can be detrimental.

Roof Repair

Roofs get damaged over time and need to be repaired. Signs of damage include leaks, loose sheet metal, broken/cracked/chipped/misaligned tiles, etc. Contact a roof specialist who specialises in repairing the particular roofing material you have. Do not wait for the damage to worsen because it might mean higher repair costs for you. DIY repair is also not a good idea because you can either make things worse or fall off your roof.

Roof Restoration/Replacement

Roof restoration can be required when your roof is severely damaged, meaning you need to replace it or when you want to improve the way it looks through simple procedures like cleaning or application of paint.

If you have sheet metal roofing, you might want to repaint it if it looks discoloured from being directly exposed to harmful UV rays over a long period. If you notice rust, multiple holes and withering, replace the roof.

If you have tile roofing, you might want to clean the tiles if they look dirty or mouldy. Treatment is also required after cleaning to prevent mould regrowth. The replacement of tiles is necessary if they are broken beyond repair.

Just like the other roofing services, let roof restoration and replacement be performed by a qualified and licensed roof contractor.