When Should You Think About Calling a Plumber?

26 March 2020
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It isn't until your hot water supply stops working that you realise how important it is. Most people live in homes where their hot water systems provide hot water whenever they need it simply by turning a tap. If the water runs cold when it should be running hot there is probably a fault with your boiler. Once you have checked the obvious problems, such as a tripped switch, it's time to call in a plumber and let them fix it for you. A qualified and experienced plumber will be able to repair all types of hot water systems or replace your boiler if it is beyond repair. Here are three other times that you should think about calling a plumber.

A blockage in your sink

When you have a blocked sink or drain then your first step should be to attempt to clear the blockage with a plunger. If using the plunger doesn't work then you will need to ask the plumber to come in and remove the blockage. The plumber will have the specialist equipment to clear the blockage. It's best not to attempt to push anything down the plughole or to take apart the pipework yourself since you run the risk of making the blockage worse.

A broken pipe

Cracked or broken pipes are a common reason to call in the plumber. If you come home to find water pooling on the floor or leaking out from behind your kitchen cabinets then calling in the plumber is the right decision. Doing your own plumbing work is not a good idea unless you have the right tools and equipment. As soon as you notice the water, turn off your water and electricity and wait for the plumber to arrive. A plumber will be able to replace the broken pipe quickly and safely.

A toilet that won't flush

A non-flushing toilet is one of the most serious problems which a homeowner could face. When your toilet won't flush the waste away, you could be left with a smelly mess which might even overflow and start flooding your home. Calling the plumber is the right thing to do so that you can keep your home in a sanitary condition.

Whether you are concerned about faulty hot water systems or leaking pipes, having a trusted plumber you can call is the best way to ensure that your pipework and appliances are operating as they should.