How To Choose A Plumber In A New Area

30 March 2020
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Finding a reliable plumber in an area you just moved to can be difficult, especially if you don't yet know anyone to give you recommendations or if you need an emergency plumber. However, this short guide explains step by step how to choose a plumber using only the internet.

Make A List Of Plumbers In Your Area

You should start your search for a local plumber by making a list of plumbers in your new area. You don't have to write them down if you're short on time, but keep their sites open in your browser. Essentially, at this stage, all you need to know is that they offer services in your area and that they offer the service you want. For example, if you need a plumber to install a toilet or sink in your new home, make sure those services are mentioned on their site. If you need a plumber to come out late at night, make sure they mention emergency or late-night calls so you're not wasting your time. With a handful of possibilities sourced, it's time to look at online reviews.

Look At Online Reviews

The next step is to search for online reviews of your potential choices. You can do this on sites like Yelp, but also if you search for a plumber on Google, there's likely to be a range of Google reviews too. If you can't find any reviews, that's a potential red flag, unless you know the company is very new. Look at the star rating, and read individual reviews. Entrepreneur has some tips for figuring out how much to trust any given review, from looking at the reviewer's other reviews to analysing the quality of the review. Choose two or three with great reviews, and then get in touch.

Speak To Some Plumbers In Person

Choosing a couple of plumbers to speak to will give you an idea of their personality, availability and how much you want to hire them. Tell them as much as you can about the nature of your problem, and ask when they'd be able to visit. Don't worry if they can't give you an exact diagnosis or quote on the phone, as this can be hard to do without actually seeing the issue. You will also get an idea of how friendly, responsive and respectful they seem. After your phone calls, it is likely that you will have a good idea of which plumber you want to use.

By starting with a wide range of plumbers in your area and then narrowing down your list based on online reviews and your impressions from speaking to the plumbers, you can choose a reliable plumber to deal with your plumbing problems.