Are Your Drains Clogging Constantly? Here's Why You Need a CCTV Drain Inspection

11 May 2020
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Blocked drains are a common issue with indoor plumbing. However, while it's normal to deal with the occasional blockage, constant clogging in multiple pipes may signal a severe problem in the system. Thus, it's advisable to seek professional help and ascertain the cause of the blockage. CCTV drain inspection is one of the most effective techniques for clog detection. This inspection method utilises high-tech CCTV cameras to inspect drains and unearth underlying problems. It helps identify the following lesser-known causes of multiple clogged drains.

Intrusion by Overgrown Tree Roots

Your home's plumbing system features a main drain line that directs wastewater to the sewerage system. Since the drainage pipe is located outside the house, it can easily be invaded by tree roots. The trees break through the pipes and block the passage of wastewater. Any incoming debris such as food scraps and dirt fails to pass through the blocked section and forms a clog. 

CCTV drain inspection can help unearth blockage due to overgrown tree roots. The camera travels down the plumbing drains and sends live footage of the state of your drainage system. As a result, your plumber can know how to fix the clog permanently by repairing the pipes and getting rid of the intruding tree roots.

Cracked or Damaged Drain Pipes

Cracks or physical damage in any of your plumbing drains can cause regular clogs. This problem is usually common in older homes with plastic pipes. If the pipes break, the resultant cracks allow debris to catch on and limit the flow of wastewater. Damage that occurs to outdoor drain lines can allow soil and dirt to enter the pipes and cause clogs as well. 

Physical damage to your drain lines can only be detected through the use of advanced methods such as CCTV inspection. The camera snakes through the drains, allowing you to locate any cracks that may be causing a clog in your pipes. This inspection technique helps the plumber to repair the pipes with minimal excavation as the source of the problem is apparent.

Misaligned Joints

During the laying of plumbing drain lines, your contractor has to connect several pipes. The joints may act as points of weakness in the future. Poor connections and earth movement may cause joint misalignment. In some cases, the misalignment is so severe that it prevents wastewater from flowing correctly. If you dump solid waste into your drains, it may latch at the joints and cause a blockage. 

CCTV camera detection helps identify clogs resulting from joint misalignment and poor installation of drain lines. The live video can help determine points of weakness and allow your plumbing contractor to come up with a suitable repair plan.

Blockage in your plumbing drains isn't always as a result of dumping food scraps in the sink. It can also be as a result of severe problems in your drain lines. CCTV detection helps unearth these problems and allows you to come up with permanent solutions to the wastewater drainage issues.