Installing Hot Water Units? Avoid These Common Errors

22 May 2020
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Hot water units are meant to provide a steady and reliable supply of hot water. However, people make common DIY mistakes during installation that affect the efficiency of the hot water system. Installing the water heater is not a difficult task. But failing to follow the right procedures will likely bring issues in the future. If you choose to handle the installation of your water heater, then you know which mistakes to avoid.

Buying the Wrong Size

Many times homeowners purchase hot water systems that are not ideal for their needs. Thus, you should find out the exact size you need for your water heater. Getting the perfect fit will help you save money. It will also ensure you do not run out of hot water when you need it. Buying a larger device will lead to wastage of water and money. Thus, it is best to get expert help on the best water heater for your house.

Soldering Of Pipes

It is almost impossible to form a connection between the tank and water line without soldering of pipes. But most people tend to solder too close to the tank. That is a bad idea as the material of the tanks is often plastic. The heat coming from the propane torches are not ideal for plastics. 

Start by unscrewing the nipples from the tank. You can then create a short extension as far from the tank as possible. That is where you will solder the nipples. Allow some time for the nipples to cool off before you can reattach them to the tank. This process will prevent an accidental melting of the fittings.

Ignoring Safety Precautions

It is not uncommon for homeowners to ignore the necessary safety precautions for installing a water heater. For instance, you may end up dry firing the tank. Dry firing is when you turn on the hot water unit when the tank is not full. That is dangerous as it can lead to cracking of the tank or burning out of electrical elements.

Another safety measure to take is securing the water heater after installing it. That is critical as it prevents the tank from tipping over in case it dislodges. So you should strap the unit to the framing. 


Follow the right procedures when installing the hot water system alone. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure you get an efficient unit. The best option, however, is to call in the plumbing experts. These professionals have enough experience and are less likely to make mistakes. Skilled plumbers will follow all the right installation procedures.

For more information about hot water units, contact an installation service.