4 Critical Household Issues That Require Emergency Plumbing Services

28 July 2020
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Plumbing emergencies can occur without any warning. In a matter of minutes, they can cause unbearable damages to your possessions. Plumbing problems can ruin your drainage system and leave you without adequate water to carry out your daily household activities. As a homeowner, there are plumbing issues that you should never try to solve on your own.

Leaving them to a professional emergency plumber will not only give you peace of mind but will also save you money. Here are some of the most common residential problems that need emergency plumbing services.

Overflowing Toilets

An overflowing toilet is a typical residential emergency plumbing problem that requires professional intervention. If your attempts to unblock your clogged toilets with a plunger fail, you should call a reputable emergency plumber. The expert will diagnose the issue within the drain pipe and offer the best solutions. If you leave your overflowing toilets unattended, flooding may occur, leading to costly property damages.

Leaking Gas Lines

Leaking gas lines is one of the deadliest situations that you can ever experience in your home. It is a critical problem that requires emergency plumbing services. As a homeowner, you should not try any DIY options when this problem occurs. You should call an experienced 24-hour plumber to fix the issue. However, while under the guidance of a professional, you should turn off the gas meter.  

Frozen, Burst or Leaking Pipes

Fixing leaking, burst or frozen pipes can be an overwhelming experience. When temperatures get low during winter, your pipes might get frozen and burst. This situation can lead to flooding and other dangerous problems if left unattended for a long time. 

When you have frozen, burst or leaking pipes in your home, you should contact a 24-hour plumber to rectify the issues. Before the professional arrives, you should try to shut off the main water supply to your home to prevent further damages.   

Water Heater Failure

If you have old and unmaintained water heaters in your home, they may break down without any warning and give you trouble. A failed water heater might disrupt your schedule and hinder you from performing crucial everyday tasks, including cleaning, cooking and bathing. 

It may also lead to inconveniences that might cause you to miss crucial business meetings, especially during winter, when it may be more difficult to take cold showers. It is advisable to call a qualified emergency plumber to diagnose your water heater instantly and minimise inconveniences. 

Addressing emergency plumbing problems on time minimises losses and restores your daily schedule. If you have an issue that requires emergency plumbing services, it is advisable to consider licenced, reputable and insured companies that guarantee quality services.

For more information, contact an emergency plumber.