Two tips for school principals who need to get their school's drains unclogged

10 August 2020
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Do you need to hire someone to address plumbing issues? If there is a clogged drain in your school and you need to get a plumber to unclog it, you should take note of the tips below.

1. Book an early morning appointment

If the plumber's schedule is flexible, you should ask them to come to the school and fix the clogged drain early in the morning before the school day starts. The school bathrooms might not be usable whilst the plumber is unclogging the drain. If the drain is severely clogged, with multiple blockages in the waste pipe, the plumber might have to spend a couple of hours working on it.

As such, if the plumber does this job during school hours (or in the early evening, when after-school activities are taking place on the school grounds), the students or teachers who need to use the bathroom won't be able to do so. If any of the students have to take an exam that day or have to give presentations or do other challenging schoolwork whilst they are in need of the bathroom facilities, they might be unable to focus and might not perform very well. Given this, you should aim to have the drain unclogged before the school day begins.

2. Ask the plumber what items clogged the drains

If the drain is badly blocked, the plumber probably won't just use chemicals when unblocking it. They may also have to use a drain snake or their gloved hands to physically remove any solid items that are contributing to the blockage. If they do this, they should be able to see some of the objects that clogged the drain.

You should ask them exactly what these items are, print them on a list and give copies of this list to the students. Children and teenagers often don't realise that they cannot throw anything they like down the toilet or the sink drain. As such, the description of the items in the drain that the plumber gives you will probably include lots of items that the students have mistakenly thrown into the drainage system such as broken pens and highlighters, torn-out pages of their notebook, sweet wrappers and pencil erasers.

By giving the students a list of these items and explaining that they should never be thrown down the school's drains, you might be able to stop the drain from getting clogged in the future.