4 Advantages of Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

25 August 2020
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Compared to other methods of heating a swimming pool, inverter heat pumps offer many advantages. Take a look at the main benefits that you can expect to enjoy if you install an inverter pool heat pump.

1. Efficient

The main advantage of inverter swimming pool heat pumps is their incredible efficiency. The inverter technology allows the compressor and motor to run at variable speeds, delivering just the amount of heating your pool needs to keep the water at the desired temperature. When demand for heating is lower, for example on a hot and sunny day, the inverter heat pump reduces its output to match the conditions. On a cool day, the heat pump extracts the small amount of ambient heat that is present in the air and delivers it to the pool water, using a process similar to that used by an air conditioning system or refrigerator.

2. Durable

The heat exchanger components of a swimming pool heat pump are made from titanium. This type of metal resists the corrosive effects of water and chlorine, making it capable of delivering excellent performance for many years in a backyard pool environment. Although inverter swimming pool heat pumps are more expensive than standard electric pool heaters, they last a very long time and can save you money in the long run through reduced energy bills and low maintenance needs.

3. Safe

Compared to gas and oil boilers, which can also be used to supply heat to a swimming pool, an inverter heat pump has many safety advantages. Oil and gas are both highly flammable, which means there is a risk of a fire starting in your pool house, whereas an inverter swimming pool heat pump does not present this risk. There is also no risk of a gas leak or any chance of producing poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide through incomplete combustion. Overall, an inverter heat pump is a very safe piece of equipment to have in your backyard, posing little to no risks for you, your children, or your pets.

4. Predictable Pricing

Traditionally, many people have turned to oil or gas to heat their swimming pool as these methods are often cheaper than electric heating. However, the high efficiency of an inverter swimming pool heat pump means that it is likely to cost even less to run than an oil or gas heater. Furthermore, the cost of using an inverter swimming pool heat pump is likely to be much more stable than the price of oil or gas in the future.