Don't Know When It Might Be Time Call in a Plumber? 3 Signs to Keep an Eye On

26 October 2020
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The plumbing system plays a crucial role in a home; yet, most homeowners often overlook it. They do not think about the plumbing system until an issue arises. Of course, plumbing issues can hinder an adequate supply of clean water or even make the drainage line inefficient. Such plumbing problems can affect your regular life in many ways. However, no matter how minor the plumbing problems could be, you should not consider fixing them yourself. Rather, ensure you call a reputable plumber to handle them. Here are some signs you need to get a plumber.

Dry Taps

Every homeowner expects the taps to release water whenever they turn them on. However, it's quite frustrating when this doesn't happen. Dry taps usually indicate there is something wrong with your plumbing system. Some of the issues that cause dry taps include frozen pipes, leakages, or other issues with the main water supply system.

Dry taps could also indicate some unidentified water leakages. Leakages are dangerous because they can cause structural destruction. Nonetheless, a professional plumber has the skills and knowledge required to fix the problem more appropriately.

Clogged drains

A clog is caused by objects blocking the pipes or toilet. Hair is among the things that usually clog drains even though such clogs are sometimes easy to fix. However, some clogs are beyond your novice skills. For instance, if you clean the drain and still experience clogging, it means the issue is severe and needs a professional plumber to fix it.

Sometimes, a plumber may realise that your system needs complete de-clogging. Attempting the de-clogging procedure without the right tools will damage your plumbing system in a big way. However, seasoned plumbers use their skills to identify the culprits behind the clogged drains and outline the most effective ways to fix them.

Sewer Stench in the House

No one should cover their nose when they are in their house because of a foul smell emanating from the plumbing system. However, you may sometimes have a sewer-like smell getting into your home. The stench could be quite strong for the air fresheners to neutralise. This is not a problem you should assume, as it might be a sign of an underlying plumbing issue.

If the drainpipe system is poorly ventilated or the sewage system is damaged, the foul smell could easily find its way into your house. Whether the foul smell lingers only for a short period or for hours, it's advisable to call in a plumber instead of speculating something that might not be the cause. A competent plumber will identify the source of the smell and fix it quickly to ensure that such a plumbing problem doesn't distress you any more. 

Unless you are a qualified plumber, it is best to avoid dealing with any plumbing issues yourself. Always call in a plumber any time you see any of the above signs to fix the underlying plumbing problem.