Types of Sprinkler Systems for Your Backyard Vegetable Gardens

20 November 2020
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Making the choice to move from a typical backyard garden to a vegetable garden can be a huge endeavour. You need the right soil, the right raised gardens or planting beds, and the right overall environment for the vegetables you plan to grow. One aspect of making the right choices for your vegetable garden is to have the right sprinkler and water delivery system. Here are a few of the sprinkler options that may be ideal for your garden and what you need to know about each option. 

Misting System

A misting system is ideal for leafy vegetables for two reasons. The first reason is that it provides ongoing water and a fine mist to the leaves of the vegetables, helping them stay hydrated. The second reason is that the misting system helps keep the air around the plants damp and humid. This can be vital when you are dealing with standard leafy vegetables or leafy vegetables that are meant for warmer temperatures. The misting system can be attached to the roofline of your patio or to the fence around the backyard garden. 

Drip Irrigation System

You may have vegetables that need an ongoing amount of water. This can become costly or time-consuming depending on the size of the garden and type of vegetables you have. A drip irrigation system is placed at ground level throughout the garden. It allows water to drip throughout the day or specific times of the day to keep the roots of the vegetables supplied with enough water regardless of the weather. This type of system can also be run in backyard greenhouses to help supplement other sprinklers.

Traditional Snap-In System

You may choose to go with a traditional snap-in system. The snap-in system is a series of pre-built sprinklers that are connected by a plumbing system. The water runs through and comes out of the different sprinklers placed at intervals throughout the garden. This type of system is usually buried slightly underground so the pipes are hidden, but the sprinkler heads are above ground. You can also get sprinkler heads that rise up a bit or stay level just above the ground. 

When you are ready to have sprinklers installed for your backyard vegetable garden, contact local contractors. They can help you with the installation and can answer any questions you have about the installation. They can also determine if there are any upgrades you need or if there are layout plans for the sprinkler system that may work better for your gardening needs on a long term basis.