Does Your Hot Water System Require a Replacement? 3 Guiding Signs

2 August 2021
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It would be exasperating waking up to a cold shower when there is a way you could have prevented that from happening. Most times, all it takes is recognising the signs that your hot water system is in bad shape for immediate replacement. Since hot water systems are a vital requirement in every home, you should have them inspected and serviced now and then to keep them in good working condition. With all said and done, here are the signs of an impending hot water system replacement.

You Have Had the Same Hot Water System for Years

If you have been using the same hot water system for years, perhaps it is time you installed a new one, primarily if you have not been servicing it. Generally, you need a new heater if your system is a decade old. At this point, most hot water systems develop recurrent issues which could drain you financially. Therefore, it is wiser to replace it.

The Tank Is Leaking

A leaking tank comes with stagnant water around the water heating system. If you delay replacing it, you could find yourself dealing with more than just a leaking tank. For example, the water could damage your home's foundation, which would add to the replacement costs. Sometimes the leak could be coming from elsewhere like a damaged valve. If that is the case, the hot water installation company will repair the valves only.

Your Water Heater Is Producing Lukewarm or Cold Water

A perfectly functioning water heating system should constantly provide hot water. So, if your water feels colder than usual, do not assume the heating function will naturally resume. First, check if you have a problem with the thermostat settings. If no one has tampered with it, then the problem could be related to the heating element. Additionally, the lukewarm or cold water situation could result from an increased hot water demand in your home due to additional family members. That means you need a new water heating system that can handle your current hot water demands. 

Most people do not like the idea of a new hot water system because they think it is costly. However, repairs are expensive. Installing a new water heating system is a lasting solution, and you will save more cash in the long run. Therefore, don't hesitate to call a hot water system installation company for help replacing a faulty one.