4 Reasons for Drain Repair

27 September 2021
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Drains can develop several different types of problems, all of which need attention in order to get wastewater flowing freely again. If you suspect that any of the following issues are affecting your drains, you should call a local plumbing service to arrange a drain repair as soon as possible.

1. Clogged Drains

The most common problems that affect drains in the typical home are clogs or blockages. Often, these arise because something has become stuck in the drain. The thing causing the blockage could be a single solid object, such as a ring dropped accidentally into the sink, or a build-up of organic material, such as hair, oil, starch or vegetable scraps.

A plumber uses a tool called a drain auger to remove the blockage so that water can flow freely through the drain again. Occasionally, this approach does not work and the plumber needs to take the drain apart in order to remove the clog.

2. Cracked or Burst Pipes

Sometimes, the reason why a drain smells bad or does not work as expected is that there is a crack or burst somewhere in the pipe that takes water away from it. Cracked or burst pipes are most common in winter when the ice that forms inside the pipe can put pressure on it from the inside, leading to fractures. It is important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible, as wastewater leaking into your home or garden can smell bad, encourage the growth of mould and cause water damage to structures.

3. Collapsed Pipes

Pipes that are badly affected by wear and tear can collapse, leading to a blockage that prevents water from flowing through the drain on its way to the sewer. Occasionally, pipes also collapse due to excessive weight being placed on top of them, for example during poorly planned construction work. If you suspect you are dealing with a collapsed pipe, it is important to call a plumber for drain repair, as this is not a problem that most homeowners can deal with by themselves.

4. Tree Root Damage

It is relatively common for tree roots to cause damage to drains. This type of drain damage occurs most often during spring and summer when tree growth is at its fastest. A plumber can locate the source of the damage, carry out a drain repair and advise you about tree removal or relocation options to protect the drain in future.