How a Plumber Finds Leaks in Walls

27 July 2022
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If you have a leak in your wall, the only way you may notice it is when damage has already happened. Even with the marks of water damage from ongoing leaks, finding the leak can still be an issue. This may mean you need to hire a plumber for leak detection and repair services. If this is the case, you should know a few things about leak detection and what to expect. Here are a few of those key points and what you should know before leak detection begins. 

Assessing the Damage

The first thing the plumbers will do when they are attempting leak detection is assess the current damage to the area. For example, if any water damage is showing on a wall, the plumbers will locate it and determine how bad the damage is. This step can help the plumber determine the size of the leak they are dealing with. In some cases, they can also determine an approximate location of the leak and where to begin looking. 

Infrared Scanning

Once the area has been assessed, the plumber will use a form of scanning to determine where the leak is. They may be able to do this with infrared scanning. This method allows them to see where the water is dripping, how fast the leak is, and where they can begin the repair. If there are multiple leaks, these will show up. The scanning gives the plumbers one of the best ways to detect and begin repair of the leak inside of the walls. They can also determine if the area is insulated or if the insulation may have been damaged during the leaking process. 

Camera Scanning

When infrared scanning is not available, camera scanning may be used as an option. The cameras will go down into the wall through a small hole. The fibre optic camera can allow the plumbers to see exactly where the leak is and how they will need to move forward to repair the leak and stop the damage. They can also catch a good image of the area to determine if there is other damage that needs repairs as well. 

Following the leak detection, the plumber can move on to repairing the issue. Depending on the damage, the plumber may need to cut into the wall to reach the plumbing. They will discuss any issues like this with you and help you determine what steps you want to take moving forward. They may also discuss any plumbing upgrades you should consider at the time of the repair.